Hi this is where the characters are! ^_^ Glad to have a Wikipedia by my own now! Let the Page Turning Begin!

Apple White- Daughter of Snow White with her Friend Forever After Briar Beauty and Her Happily Ever After is: To Get Poisoined by Raven Queen and Fall Asleep and her Prince Charming Will Come and Kiss her and Become the Future Queen.

Raven Queen- Daughter of the Evil Queen with her Friend Forever After Madeline Hatter and Her Destiny is: Poison Apple White and then Die. She dosent want to Follow Her Destiny She Said to Madeline "What If I Want To Choose My Own Happily Ever After?????"

Briar Beauty- Daughter of Sleeping Beauty with Her Friend Forever After Apple White and Her Happily Ever After is: To Sleep For A Hundred Days and When True Love's Kiss Comes She Will Wake Up.

Madeline Hatter- Daughter of the Mad Hatter with Her Friend Forever After Raven Queen and Her Destiny is: To Be Like Her Dad the Mad Hatter.


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