"She has to do it"

"I mean if she never corpses me then ill never fall asleep"

"and Ill never be kissed by my Prince and Ill never become Queen then I will never have my happily ever after!!!"

"I cant believe it Legacy Day Happens this year there is just so Much To Do!"

"Its not Just about the Party This is Destiny! Future Queen! We CAnt let anyone Post embarassing pictures on my chapter!"

"Why Tiny arent you just the sweetest little thing!"

"Thank You!"

"Hey, Prince Daring Why Are You Putting Your Hand Over Your Mouth???"

"But Your Smile Is So Charming!"

"Ohh Blondie Daring and I Are Still Not a Couple This is High School Weve Got A Forever After To Be Together"

"Of Course! What Future Evil Queen Wouldnt Love an Evil Trhone, an Evil Crown and an Evil Haunted Mirror?!"

"Because she's such an Important part of my Story When She Poisons me it Changes Everything Then the Prince Gonna Wake Me Then I Become Queen Thats When I GEt My Happily Ever AFter! Im Near "

"Quick Hide! I Dont Want Raven To Know. Welcome Home Roomie! Not Anymore! Ohh That Sounds Magical! I Love Mine With That Big How You Like The Others?"

"Hi Ashlynn! Wow She Is Cinderella's Daughter!"

"Ohh Time For Our Legacy Day Rehearsal I Cant Wait For Everyone To Get A Glimpse Of The Future Queen I Am Going To BeCome!"

"OH ME ME ME AH OH OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I Am Apple White and I Pledge To Follow My DEstiny AS The Next Snow White! I KNow!"


"Ohhhh Headmaster Grimm/Grinn???"



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